5 Most Popular Reasons to Hire an Arborist in the Northern Beaches

tree removal

From investigating a damaged tree to getting a tree management plan, there are many reasons why a person or business might need to hire the services of an arborist in the Northern Beaches. This article shares the top 5 reasons why people request the assistance of a tree expert.


Tree/impact assessment report

For people who want to prune or remove a tree for aesthetic purposes, manage their duty of care on a commercial site, or are simply concerned about the safety of a tree, an assessment report is an essential tool.

Trees make a valuable addition to any property, however they can also pose a hazard risk. It is important to evaluate the safety of a tree in order to safeguard against injury due to a fall. In addition, the council may not allow for the removal of high-value or heritage listed trees, so it is important to identify them before attempting to remove them.

A tree assessment report can be carried out by a qualified arborist in the Northern Beaches, who will investigate the health and condition of trees and determine their hazard risk and impact on nearby vegetation. This report can be provided to councils and the court if necessary.


treesRoot mapping/


A tree’s root system is a crucial part of the tree’s stability, structure and wellbeing, providing the organism with water and nutrients. Assessing the location and health of the root system, such as whether or not it displays any signs of disease, is important for determining a tree’s health and structural integrity. Determining the location of the roots is also crucial when planning on building, as you don’t want to build too close to the roots (this can cause damage to both the building and the tree).

Root mapping is carried out by an arborist in the Northern Beaches through two different means. The first method is to scan the ground using radar equipment. The second method involves removing the soil by hand, spade or hydrovac in order to view the roots.


Project supervisor

An arborist in the Northern Beaches can also act as an overseer for building development projects. This involves supervising the work that is taken around trees to ensure that no major damage is caused to them, and to offer advice and guidance to workers.

Often without an arborist in the Northern Beaches present, trees (including high-value ones) can become damaged beyond repair, leading to negative environmental effects and council fines. A supervisor can help avoid this happening and make sure that the building is created safely. A supervisor may be required by local councils when undertaking a building project.

Tree management plan

Having a quality tree management plan in place is essential for those who are looking after an area such as a golf course or park. Trees add aesthetic value to properties and thus it is important to look after them properly. An arborist in the Northern Beaches can help implement a management plan in order to reduce the likelihood of tree-related hazards on sites and to help maintain a site’s good image and duty of care. A proper tree management plan can also save businesses money as it reduces the likelihood that trees will be removed unnecessarily.


Expert witness

In the event of a tree-related court case, an arborist in the Northern Beaches can act as an expert witness, providing legal representation for an individual or business. An expert witness can help promote clarity around complicated issues, thereby speeding up the court’s decision and saving you time and money.