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Why You Should Choose The Busy Light

busy light


Interruptions are annoying to say the least. While working in an office one of the biggest wastes of time is interruptions. Did you know that 28% of a workers day is wasted purely on interruptions. That is 2.1 hours lost per person every single day. That’s 10.5 hours a week, a whopping 546 hours every single year wasted on interruption per employee. Now can you imagine an interruption free office space. A space where all you have to do is to take a peak and you know whether someone is on a call or free to disturb. There is a product out there perfectly design for someone just like you.


In every work space around the world there is the drive to get tasks done fast and efficiently. The best way to achieve this goal is to stay focused. Of course office spaces can be loud, chaotic and interruptive. There have been many methods trialled with many failures endured to try and break the cycle of interruptions. There have been coloured cups sat upside down, signs written and even coloured pegs clipped to the top of monitors in the hopes to keep a pesky interruption at bay while deep in a task. The problem with these are they simply do not stand out enough to work. A busy light is bright, its stands out from the background, it gets noticed.




A wave of the future, the busy light. It is simple yet convenient. If your office space has headsets or hand held phones, whether its a closed office space or an open plan, sometimes you know it is almost impossible to tell if someone is actually on a call. This can create a very interrupted office space. Productivity is the number one thing to strive for profitability. A productive workspace is an effective workspace.


The busy light has come to the rescue. In these small, lightweight designs, it has cut the workplace interruption to almost zero. Turn it on and once set up it will begin to let colleagues know whether they should or should not disturb you in your cubicle. This small item will light up accordingly to let others know whether you are on a call, busy with a deadline or available to chat. If a colleague comes to your cubicle and sees that it Is solid red they know that you do not want to be disturbed. This stops the annoying interruptions in their tracks.


Sick of missing important calls. The busy light system has you covered. It will flash and/or ring on incoming calls. If you use instant messaging for your day to day work then you can program it to flash and play a message tone and you can configure it to display or flash any colour when you have missed a call or an instant message. Is your office a quiet one, then adjust the volume to suit your needs. The busy light systems are compatible with many of the popular voice and video chat applications. Also compatible with many instant messaging services.


Having this ingenious design gives you and your colleagues peace of mind knowing you can dedicate yourself fully to the task on hand, whether you are on an important call or writing an important document. Less interruptions also gives you and your colleagues the chance to dedicate yourself 100% to the client at hand, no more putting someone on hold to answer an unimportant question that really could have waited till lunch, the busy light will tell them for you. Boosting your productivity by keeping your mind on the task.

The Advantages of Hiring Professional Rubbish Removal


Clutter, mess and debris are facts of life that we all have to deal with in our personal and professional lives. While nobody likes to acknowledge it, the fact is that without a solid rubbish removal plan you run the risk of falling into disarray and having your personal life or business affected.

Luckily, professional waste clean-up services are able to provide a cost-effective and reliable clean-up of any kind of mess you have. No matter if you want to clean out the family garage, organize collection of business waste or even clean up a construction site; you can hire a uniformed team of professionals to take care of it.

Let’s take a look at the advantages of hiring professional rubbish removal.


Better than a skip bin

For many people, when they think about doing a big clean-up job the first thing that comes to mind is skip bin hire. That means paying a high cost just to have a big steel container dumped on your lawn for you to fill up yourself.

The problem with skip bins is that they’re big, ugly and you have to do all the heavy lifting yourself. Often this means trying to organize family members or employees to clean up when they aren’t properly trained or experienced. This invites situations where someone might injure themselves via improper lifting technique or an accident.

When your hire professional rubbish removal, you can have all of the mess cleared away in the same day by a team of trained experts. They can come over, assess the job, and start getting to work without delay.


Faster than you

A professional team is going to be able to clean-up any mess much faster than you can. This is because they have the tools, training and experience necessary to attack any sized mess from a variety of angels.

The team will be able to quickly assess the mess you have and devise a strategy for how they will break it down and clean it up. Because they’re specifically trained and experienced in rubbish removal, they give you the quickest possible means of getting rid of the mess.

If you’re under time constraints, then hiring a professional rubbish removal team gives you the best chance of getting the job done in time.


They recycle everything they can

Another great advantage of hiring rubbish removal is that the team will be trained in how to properly identify and sort recyclable materials. They will be able to sort everything into separate bins so that they can be taken to the appropriate recycling centre.

What’s more, they will also sort through your clothes and textiles to see if there is anything worth donating to a humanitarian charity. This means that old stuff you want to throw away can have a second life in the hands of someone less fortunate than yourself.

All of this gives you peace of mind knowing that as little of you waste as possible is going to end up in a landfill. This is particularly important for people who care about environmental sustainability and want to reduce the impact of their lifestyle on the planet.

They’re reliable

For business owner who need a rubbish removal solution, a professional clean-up company can help you organise routine clear-outs of your commercial waste. This means that you relax knowing that your waste is being taken care of responsibly every week and you can use this free time to focus on improving your business in other ways.

As you can see, there are plenty of great advantages to hiring professional rubbish removal in both private and commercial contexts.



Types of Roller Blinds and Why You Should Have Them

roller blinds

Why choose roller blinds for your home? That is, interior screens characterized by wide blades giving them a seamless elegance. They are a breeze to open and shut making them an increasingly popular choice for windows, over blinds and curtains.

They’re not the most budget-friendly of options on the market, however. So, before you take the plunge, check out our list of benefits they carry.

Before we get to that, did you know that roller blinds now come in fairly wide range of materials? We’ve thrown together a few of these to get you started…

  • Vinyl – are usually made with PVC or aluminum supports for stability and come in the form of hollow, structured hollow, solid, and solid with aluminum, these being in order of structural integrity. Then there’s the vinyl-clad wood, with the rigidity of a dense wooden frame, and vinyl coat for water resistance.


  • Wood – being both light and durable, this is termed the “gold standard” of roller blinds, especially basswood. While vinyl tends to come pre-designed, wood can be painted and customized. Due to these benefits it tends to be the dearer option.


  • Composite or Faux Wood – also known as “engineered wood”, is made from MDF coated in vinyl or PVC, making it sturdy and good for humidity.

Now, onto the reasons you should have roller blinds in your home…

  1. Elegance

First of all, roller blinds bring a neat, luxurious resort vibe to your home. Their elegant aesthetic have made them a popular pick.

As with the materials they’re made from, they come in a range of sizes and finishes to deck out your home in this clean decor. Not to mention they make a great flow between the inside and outside.

  1. No strings attached

All the strings dangling off blinds can have you dealing with a tangled mess. Fortunately for the roller blinds owner there’s none of that.

  1. Versatility

They can be customized to suit any interior design.

  1. Air and light flow

Roller blinds are great for ventilation. Being so easily adjustable, it’s effortless to control for just the amount of fresh air and light you want flowing through. And they’re not going to fade with this sun exposure.

  1. Private

Just as easily, you can angle the wide blades to shield you from the world outside seeing in.

  1. Clean

Very low-maintenance. All you need is the occasional dust down with a damp cloth. No need for removing blades or taking down them down all together, as with curtains.

  1. Strong

Being made from wood or its alternatives, these screens are incredibly durable and will last for many years to come.

  1. Child safe

As they lack the hanging strings and other potentially hazardous components of blinds and curtains, they are are a safer alternative for the family home.

  1. Insulation

Good insulation. They form a great barrier for harsh sunlight and cold winds.

  1. Energy saving

As they reduce the need for heaters and air-con, save your energy use and the expenses that go along.

  1. Furniture and carpet friendly

Blades can sit in closed or semi-closed positions as needed to direct sunlight away from carpet and furniture that can bleach. Avoid the UV and save these from fading.

  1. Other uses

Plantation shutters can be put in other places around the house beside on windows. They have made neat cabinets, cover ups for patchy parts of walls, not to mention room dividers with the ultimate privacy. With their clean appearance, they will blend with the rest of the house.

Why You Should Work with a Qualified Tree Arborist in Sydney Today


For those out there who may not there, there are many benefits to working with a qualified tree arborist Sydney. There are able to help people and businesses with many different things such as risk assessments as well as reports which can then be passed on to local councils who are then able to offer approval or disapproval for a removal. The reason why it is important to work with someone qualified is because it takes years of education to understand the different tree species, how to figure out the age of a trunk, how to see if there are any bugs or diseases, as well as much more. Furthermore, many people may or may not know that they may also need to apply for a council permit in order just to do some pruning. As there are so many different rules and regulations that are unique to each area, it is important that people work with professionals in order to not only ensure that they are doing the right and legal thing but that they are also remaining safe throughout the whole process.


A qualified tree arborist in Sydney is able to put together an impact assessment

In addition to creating a health and condition assessment which can be passed onto local council, a qualified tree arborist in Sydney is also able to put together an impact assessment. This means that people are able to establish if their property is in danger. There can be times where branches are growing too close to power lines, gutters, or roofs and so are at risk of causing damage. In addition to this, there will be some people out there who want to build something on their property and so a qualified tree arborist in Sydney will need to come to the property to perform an inspection. They will need to make sure that there are no trees or neighbours trees that could potentially be negatively affected by the potential development. As, of course, there are so many benefits to the environment by protecting a neighbourhood’s greenery, it is always a wise move to work with professions. This will not only make it easier to deal with local councils but it will also help ensure a great future for generations to come. For all of these reasons as well as move, it is a great idea to work with a qualified tree arborist in Sydney.


Working with a qualified tree arborist in Sydney will ensure that everything is completed properly

What some people out there may not know is that they cannot simply cut down whatever they please in their yard. There are many reasons for this but one of the most important reasons is because there are many native species out there that are at risk of becoming endangered. As this is the case, people cannot simply remove whatever they please. Furthermore, there are environmental reasons involved as well. In addition to all of this, many people won’t understand how a tree will fall and so are putting themselves in danger by trying to perform a removal themselves. As it can be seen, it is absolutely vital that everything is completed by a trained professional in order to everything to be completed properly and safely. While it may cost a little bit of money upfront, it can help save money in the long run especially as it just isn’t worth any amount of money to have someone injure themselves. Qualified tree arborists in Sydney are not only qualified to complete reports but they are also the best people to seek support and advice from when looking into removal.

Following SEO and digital marketing best practice: How To Create Better Header Tags


To be honest, header tags aren’t as critical to ensure a high ranking on Google as they used to be. They do however, still hold an important place in your overall digital marketing strategy and they can also indirectly impact your rankings.

Therefore, it is still important that you take the time to understand how to create the best header tags with SEO best practice in mind. Creating proper header tags makes your content much more easier to read as the layout and structure is understand.

According to SEO Shark the known Sydney digital marketing agency, it also makes it easier for Google crawl bots to understand the structure of your content. And we all know that a happy Google can mean great things for our ranking, so we want to ensure we are doing all we can to make Google happier.

Let’s take a look below at some of the ways you are able to optimise your header tags following best SEO practice:

1. Header Tags Provide Structure


header structure

As touched on in the introduction, header tags help to provide structure to your web page. The H1 tag is the over arching heading of your page and should give visitors an idea of what the page is about. You can then use H2, H3 and onwards to further break down your content into bite sized pieces for your audience.

However, it is not recommended that you go lower than a H4 tag, as too many sub sections within sub sections in your content can confuse users. If you are struggling to breakdown the headers, then try to think of them as a table of contents in a textbook.

2. Include Keywords in Header Tags

Google sees header tags as more important than the content as it acts as a guide in what is to follow. Therefore it is vital that you include keywords in your header tags. Before you even start writing you should have an idea of the keywords you are looking to target in this piece of content.

Be sure to try to use the main keyword in the H1 tag, as this is the most important header. As you move from H2 downwards the hierarchy follows down as well. This doesn’t mean, however, that you pack as many keywords as possible into header tags. They need to be used in a natural way that still reads well.

Keyword stuffing is certainly not the way to go and it is more important that the users on your website have a great user experience. This is rather than struggling to understand what you are talking about because you have stuffed your content to the brim with the unnecessary use of keywords.

3. Get Header Tag Feature Snippet Ready

You have probably seen a featured snippet before. It is a listing that is above all the organic ones (but below the ads) and it isn’t technically an organic listing. Google pulls content that they think the user wants and provides it to them in the search engine results page.

If the user wants to read more they can click on the listing. These featured snippets are great because it ensures there are more eyeballs on your listing and they work especially well for tables.

On top of this, if a user is searching for something on their smartphone, the featured snippet tends to take up the entire screen above the fold, making it increasingly likely that the user will click on your site.

4. Use One H1 Tag

Many people believe that Google only likes one H1 tag, however this is not the case. In fact, they say you can use as many as you want, but that doesn’t mean that you should. Just because you can eat 12 doughnuts, doesn’t mean that you should.

It is still best SEO practice to just use one H1 tag. This is because users understand what a H1 tag looks like, it is big and they understand it to be the title of the page. Using multiple H1s can sometimes confuse the reader and they may not understand which content belongs where.

5. Headers Break Up Text

In order to make your content more readable, user headers! Remember that users don’t need to read your content, so if it is too difficult for them, they won’t. They will go somewhere else when they can actually read content without any issues.

Think about it, nothing is more deterring than going onto a web page and only seeing a massive piece of content, with nothing to break it up. Headers ensure that you are giving users bite sized pieces of information and they understand when you are moving on to a different point.

Take this article for example, the H1 tag is the title, there are then five H2 tags which all provide different points as to how you can create better header tags. There is no confusion and no big chucks of information.

Is Automation A Quality Option For Online Marketing?

Marketing departments at medium to large firms often have to embark upon tedious and repetitive actions that require little thought or enterprise about them. This scenario leads to a major question for online marketers about the need to automate some of those processes.


What must be noted is the reputation of automation. It denotes a degree of laziness, of being out of touch and simply going through the motions when a manual approach is warranted. In 9 cases out of 10 that can surely be the answer, but what about that 10th occasion when automation could really get the job done in a more efficient manner?


Here we will discuss the topic of automation and its relevance to the field of online marketing.

Focus On The Art and Less The Science


Online marketing is comprised of elements that are scientific and artistic. That need to balance metrics as well as showcasing creativity is the great balancing act that is occurring behind the scenes. Automation is a process that is run by the numbers and for the numbers where calculations and implementations are run by the design of the software. This frees the shackles for marketers to focus their endeavours on the creative output, eliminating the stress of the scientific formula.

Helps To Speed The Process


Is there any other way to say it? A human does not possess the capacity that a well-designed software application tool has and this sees campaigns churned out at a higher rate through automation. Deadlines are part and parcel of the business world and while there will be a lower return on investment (ROI) in the short-term to spend on the application, the long-term benefit of employing a tool over actual employees is significant. Time is always of the essence and automation is a response to this daily challenge.

Ideal For Email


Despite the increase in popularity for social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and Google+, email marketing is still the most engaging marketing outlet when it comes to communicating with businesses and fellow professionals. Access to email is paramount for work purposes and utilising email marketing automation software is a way and means of broadcasting to more people. So long as the email list has been curated, individual campaigns can be spun around for a faster time and that will only improve the bottom line of a company.

Steps to increase your content writing game

Begin with keyword research

The crux of any effective SEO content writing is that not only is it genuine, but that it is optimized with great keywords. Why? Well keywords are one of the best ways for search engines like Google to be able to notice your website and its content. More specifically, the best tailored and researched your keywords are, the better consumers will be able to reach your website and be converted into purchasing your product.

Take key note of all the analytical and statistical information available from your data and compare them with your competitors as well to understand what kind of demographic you really have and the best way to approach them.

Effectively implement your keywords

So now you’ve done you research. Now don’t let your hard-earned work go to waste over nothing. It is a common mistake for SEO agencies was to exercise a tremendous amount of effort into their keyword research, but to just then dump keywords into their content. Doing so will find your work muss less attractive and in some cases, disapproved by Google.

When considering an SEO article, keywords should only be used cautiously and with careful thought, dependent on factors such as the type and length of the article.

In general, the keyword should be included in the title, an at least in the first 300 words. From then on, keywords should be used in a careful manner, and even after that, variations of the keywords may be used instead. Keywords should always feel and be written in a natural way in the content on the article. If it is hard to read or a keyword has been forced into a sentence, it will not work.

Use long-form content writing

In the past it may have been best to pump out as many articles as possible, irrespective of the word count. However, as of now, search engines such as Google have shown an extremely strong inclination towards using long-form content writing. It has been statistically shown that articles which are on average over 2,000 words or more will be much more attractive and receptive towards consumers.

When an article is in depth, it is likely to be carefully constructed with interest and though, with a high chance of containing very relevant information to the people searching for their issue in a search engine. It’s now a given rule that the longer you’re able to write your content, the much more likely that you’ll have a significantly lower bounce rate.

Make sure to constantly update and edit your content

These days to stay relevant, it is also not enough to just publish and finish your content. Search engines like Google require SEO agencies to constantly refresh their content with new ideas, to keep up with modern trends and consumers. If done so, search engines will reward you with constant high-end traffic and a place among the high rankings.

Make sure that your work is edited before-hand. Ensure that a second eye is able to read through you work and check for phrasing and grammatical errors. Articles are supposed to be simple and to the point. This will make your content writing appear professional and be of ease to read for consumers.

The last step would be to ensure that all of your pages with web content writing is available for blogs and linking back to your website. Your content should have be immediately ready for social media to increase its relevance and popularity in the search engine.


Top Mobile Compatibility Tips For Your Online Marketing Campaigns

When online marketers think about the their endeavours to score well with SEO and PPC tactics, they are usually considering the big picture. By that we mean desktops and tablets, commonly overlooking the need to cater to the growing mobile market.


Here is where users are more active, more engaged and more in need of websites and content that is compatible to their handheld device. This applies across the board for all plans including Samsung, iPhone and Blackberry smartphones.


How then are these brands going to tackle the challenge of being compatible? What does that look like from a practical standpoint? Here we will outline some vital techniques that ensures your domain is equally user-friendly to mobile.

Watch For Font Size


Whether it is the heading of a tab or a “buy now” button located somewhere on the page, the user should be able to navigate their way around a mobile webpage without having to scroll up, down or sideways too strenuously or even at all. Through your customised hosting platform, you should be able to utilise heading tags such as H1 and H2 that will adjust depending on the setting. Font size is a major letdown for sites that do not satisfy the compatibility criteria and they will see a higher bounce rate than their competitors.

Always Stick To High-Resolution


Images might also fluctuate in size and while this is a concern, the most important element at play in this field is the resolution quality. Low resolution pictures that are expanded to fit a screen will be presented poorly, something that reflects on the domain as a whole. High-resolution images are more adaptable to adjusting screen sizes and makes for a superior user experience regardless of the loading speed.

Go For Local


Much of the web traffic that derives from mobiles happen to be for local searches. Whilst there should not be a difference between a mobile and a desktop site, more tags and keywords that are inclusive of your geography and postcode will help for SEO purposes and make for a more mobile compatible platform.

Utilise Designs That Are Responsive


The most efficient technique out of your options is to have a responsive design. This will ensure the navigation bars and content is customised to the size of the device where the layout remains consistent from the desktop to the laptop, tablet and the smartphone.

Getting The Most Out of PPC For Online Marketing

Online marketing professionals will have an array of options at their disposal. One of these will derive with the pay-per click (PPC) advertisement options that are promoted by Google Adwords, offering brands a chance to score visibility if they pay the right price.


Some will opt for generic commercials that simply regurgitate the same marketing spin they’ve been told to stick to. Yet these PPC spots have their own pathways to success and to get the most out of your investment, you should follow a couple of essential rules.

Tap Into Trends


One of the greatest assets about PPC advertising is the instantaneous nature of it. Within a 24-hour cycle a PPC spot can be born and killed off and this gives the owner great flexibility. So what should be respected here is the fluctuating nature of the news cycle and factors that are suddenly trending within a niche. Take note of the keywords that are suddenly garnering buzz and issues that you can utilise at your disposal. Traffic will tend to flow in patterns and by tapping into a hot topic that is creating a lot of debate and interest, why not throw your hat into that ring and generate some impressions?

Be Cheap With PPC


This is something of a strange admission, but it is ok to be cheap with PPC. Do not feel obliged to spend important dollars in this field because your long-term success will live or die by your SEO strategy that builds the brand for the long-term. Should your keyword competition be fraught with high prices, look for the cheaper alternative and push those spots on Google and Facebook. This will keep the balance sheet in check and ensure that your investment is being spent wisely. PPC is about the sugar hit of instant visibility, not scoring loyal customers for decades.

Crowd The Keyword Market


The theory of “less is more” does not apply to the world of PPC. This is an environment whereby visibility is king with space coming at a premium, regardless of what niche you are discussing. Here is where your internal keyword strategy will produce a number of terms and phrases that you will build around. To get the maximum out of these keywords, develop individual PPC ads that are garnered around a variety of keywords. Why settle for one when you can have multiple in activity all at once?