Corporate Flu Vaccinations: What You Should Know

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Anyone within the hierarchy of a business should understand the value and role of corporate flu vaccinations.

These programs are instituted by public and private medical organizations who offer an injection program for all recipients.

In Australia there has been a 70% success rate for those immunized with the Quadrivalent strain, a vaccine that has come recommended by the World Health Organisation (WHO).

Every employee will benefit from being immunized by a medical team who understand the risks and conditions associated with the treatment.

Yet it is worthwhile for recipients to be made aware of the benefits and the process if they are anxious about what will exactly take place.


vaccinationNeed Time to Book and Prepare

There are timetables that medical outlets operate under for corporate flu vaccinations. This is not a detail that simply can be left to the last minute as managers and department officials should organize these types of programs well ahead of time. For a private medical program to arrive on location, they require at least 4 weeks notice to book in the injections for the recipients. This will give them the scope to understand how many injections are necessary and what special measures have to be taken for some members of staff.


There is an Ideal Window to Inject

For local Australian organizations who are hoping to schedule corporate flu vaccinations, they should know that the May to June window is the best possible time to place this program on the calendar. Outbreaks of the flu can be rampant when the spring season rolls around in September and October, but it can take upwards of 2 months for the vaccines to take full effect and inoculate individuals. If a recipient is injected during the winter month of May, their body should have time to adapt and build an immunity to the latest strains of flu.


Outbreaks Can Spread Quickly

Corporate flu vaccinations are utilized as preventative measures. When individuals are exposed to this illness it can spread like wildfire, forcing companies to react and experience extended departures. Healthy adult men and women can infect others up to a week of feeling these symptoms and are most at risk of doing so inside the first 24 hours of feeling flu-like symptoms. Although there is a knowledge and acceptance of avoiding people when these symptoms are felt, only a thorough and comprehensive vaccination program can genuinely prevent this threat from spreading across the office.


Employees Should Consult Private GP First

Given that everyone’s medical history is entirely unique to their own circumstances, it is strongly advised that workers contact their GP before agreeing to participate with corporate flu vaccinations. This is especially so for those individuals who suffer from ongoing ailments and illnesses, and for those who are experiencing suspected flu symptoms in the lead up to the injections.


Companies Cannot Underestimate Importance of Vaccinations

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Corporate flu vaccinations should not be viewed as an exercise just to save face or to adhere to certain rules and regulations. This is a practice that will boost performance, see more employees available for work and increase corporate revenue. Considering this an afterthought would be an oversight of epic proportions, as company outbreaks will see managers looking for last minute alternatives as important roles in the organisation will be left vacant.



It is important to act now to ensure that your business is covered for corporate flu vaccinations. View the winter months as the prime time to immunize employees across the board to eliminate the chances of an outbreak as best as you can. There are no guarantees, but by giving each member the vaccine, a business can continue safe in the knowledge they are prepared.