Designing Your Perfect Wedding Invitations

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Planning your wedding, but haven’t been able to finalize your wedding invitations? Tried to create your own, but struggling to come up with the perfect design? We understand the struggle, when you are in a frenzy trying to plan the most magical day of your dreams, with the perfect venue, the perfect wedding dress and details down to the colour of the last petal in your bouquet. The drive for perfection and to meet your expectations can sometimes blind us from what truly matters – that on the day you’ve been looking forward to since you were a little, you would be marrying a significant other who loves and cares for you and that you would be surrounded by all your loved ones who have endlessly supported you. It is times like these that can bring you back to reality and recognize it is not that hard to seek help instead of soldiering on in the process of planning.


An easy alternative

One of the easiest and most cost-effective ways of combatting the task of creating wedding invitations would be to utilize a business that can both design and print.  This will remove all hassles, stress, and risks whilst mitigating the exchange of hands involved with issuing a commission for a custom design by an artist and then trying to secure a printing company. Not to mention these types of wedding invitations cost a fraction of the price, ranging from $2.73 to $6.90 per card. In contrast, a custom design will cost upwards of $7.00. Our step by step guide below will help you find the business and design right for you.


A guide to finding the right supplier and design


wedding cards

  1. Decide on how big your wedding invitation will be. Will it be A5, A6 or boarding pass size?
  2. Envision what the front and back of the card would look like. Will there be florals? Or will it be more bold and contemporary?
  3. Draw this vision down and label it in detail. Describe what colours, font and shapes each part of it would be.
  4. Write down if the card should be artisan textured, white pearlescent, luxe, extra thick or anything else you desire.
  5. Search the internet for businesses that both include designs and can print wedding invitations. It should be pretty easy to weed out firms that look illegitimate by their website design and receive bad reviews online. In addition if the business has a clear specialization on cards rather than a huge range of printed goods and can deliver the finalized goods within a business week or two, it is a good indicator of quality and design.
  6. Choose the top three businesses you would choose to work with based on their capabilities and design.
  7. Now choose the best two card designs from each and compile them. Read the details of each card carefully and request samples if possible.
  8. As you now have compiled 6 different options, it is time for you to pick the one wedding invitation to rule them all. This can be quite difficult so feel free to consult your significant other, family and friends.
  9. You’ve picked your card! We can start personalizing it now. You can change the colour, font, shapes and text to detail you special day. In addition you can individualize your guest names to each card at a small cost.
  10. Pay for your goods and wait for it to be delivered! You’re now a step closer to your special day.

Note that this is different from creating a digital copy to send out through email. Although we are utilizing online design, the end goal is to create a physical memory piece that beautiful to keep.