How to Care for Your Artificial Turf in Sydney

Australia’s hot temperatures and dry climate can present problems for yard care, especially when it comes to the lawn. The reason why artificial turf in Sydney is a tempting choice is primarily because of the reduced care and maintenance requirements that come with it.

Installing synthetic grass reduces cost and gets you back your weekends – no need to mow the lawn, put down fertilizer or waste massive amounts of water on your lawn.

However, this doesn’t mean that there is absolutely no care or maintenance required. To get the best of your investment and prolong the life of your synthetic grass it is important to correctly clean and regularly maintain it. Read on for tips on how to best maintain your new investment.


Best practice cleaning routine for artificial turf in Sydney

Most homeowners will need to clean their artificial turf in Sydney about one a week. This will decrease in the winter months when regular rain reduces the need to hose down any dust or dirt but generally quick spray down once a week is a good idea.

Regular quick cleans will help to keep any debris build up at a minimum.

About once every month or so, homeowners should do a more thorough clean. A stiff bristled brush or broom should be dragged down the grass to rake out any dust or leaves. It might be more important to do this in the autumn months when there are more leaves and plants dropping. Regular brushing can help to fix the grain of your grass and any areas that are missed can be fixed with spot brushing methods using a fine tooth comb.

Regular brushing and grooming prevents your lawn from compacting or becoming tangled and matted.

If it’s been a while since you’ve done this, there are professional services that can groom your lawn and getting it looking good again.


Keeping artificial turf in Sydney odour free

Sydney is a city that loves it’s pets. If you have a pet at home, or have your synthetic lawn out the front of your home, then rest assured fake grass is an extremely pet-friendly option. Removing pet solid waste and urine is as simple as picking up and disposing of any waste and hosing down the area. There are bottle deodorizers available for purchase to keep the area smelling fresh and at the time of installation it is good to mention it and purchase  deodorizer layer to go under your synthetic grass.


Avoiding stains and dealing with sticky substances

It’d expected that outdoor artificial turf in Sydney is going to get a bit of wear and tear, especially if it’s in a thorough fare area. Synthetic lawn is stain resistant, so it can handle the odd drink or food spill. Usually a simple rinse will do the trick. The quicker you react to a spill, the easier the clean up will be. For more stubborn stains, a gentle clean with soap will solve the problem.

If something melts or gets stuck in your grass, the best way to remove the residue is by cooling it with ice and then gently removing it by hand or with a knife. Be careful to avoid cutting the synthetic fibres and avoid using any corrosive chemicals.

If your lawn becomes permanently stained or burned such as by oil or cigarette burns, contact a local artificial turf Sydney-based company as they should be able to recommend repair solutions to you.

Follow these tips for you lawn care and your easy to maintain synthetic grass should stay looking good as new!