Is Automation A Quality Option For Online Marketing?

Marketing departments at medium to large firms often have to embark upon tedious and repetitive actions that require little thought or enterprise about them. This scenario leads to a major question for online marketers about the need to automate some of those processes.


What must be noted is the reputation of automation. It denotes a degree of laziness, of being out of touch and simply going through the motions when a manual approach is warranted. In 9 cases out of 10 that can surely be the answer, but what about that 10th occasion when automation could really get the job done in a more efficient manner?


Here we will discuss the topic of automation and its relevance to the field of online marketing.

Focus On The Art and Less The Science


Online marketing is comprised of elements that are scientific and artistic. That need to balance metrics as well as showcasing creativity is the great balancing act that is occurring behind the scenes. Automation is a process that is run by the numbers and for the numbers where calculations and implementations are run by the design of the software. This frees the shackles for marketers to focus their endeavours on the creative output, eliminating the stress of the scientific formula.

Helps To Speed The Process


Is there any other way to say it? A human does not possess the capacity that a well-designed software application tool has and this sees campaigns churned out at a higher rate through automation. Deadlines are part and parcel of the business world and while there will be a lower return on investment (ROI) in the short-term to spend on the application, the long-term benefit of employing a tool over actual employees is significant. Time is always of the essence and automation is a response to this daily challenge.

Ideal For Email


Despite the increase in popularity for social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and Google+, email marketing is still the most engaging marketing outlet when it comes to communicating with businesses and fellow professionals. Access to email is paramount for work purposes and utilising email marketing automation software is a way and means of broadcasting to more people. So long as the email list has been curated, individual campaigns can be spun around for a faster time and that will only improve the bottom line of a company.