Only SEO Team

Danny Dvash


Danny is an entrepreneurial, high energy, competitive and goal-driven Manager who loves to succeed! Demonstrates astute business acumen and thrives on tough competition and business challenges. He inspires and mentors the team, resolves issues and takes responsibility for getting things done.

Danny is person of action who “makes things happen” and leads the way by setting the business model direction, maintaining a productive work environment and implementing strong personal determination to achieve the company’s vision and goals.

Danny has years of experience in setting up and operating multiple successful businesses. His desire to produce leading results ensures that the online marketing gurus are focused on delivering the best SEO campaigns for each and every client.

Noah Borensztajn


Noah is a natural problem solver who strives for success and happiness in all aspects of life. His thirst for knowledge and understanding has seen his path to OnlySEO littered with a variety of diverse experiences.8 years of experience teaching mathematics was followed by Articles and Admission to the Supreme Court as a practising lawyer. The deep drive to establish his own business in his own unique way and his intense desire to use mathematical part of his brain has led Noah to SEO.

Noah takes an analytical, very statistic-driven approach to SEO. The alignment of Noah’s attention to detail honed as a lawyer, combined with his mathematical approach to systems and processes, has created a sizeable amount of the theories and practises used to develop OnlySEO’s unique strategies.

Referred to internally as “The Guru”, Noah treats each SEO Campaign as his own with the understanding that your success is crucial to the ongoing success of OnlySEO.


Dennis Brennan


Dennis has the rare gift of being able to analyse situations and construct rules and strategies before most people have properly assessed the circumstances. Dennis would not be out of place code breaking in World War 2 or deciphering puzzles in the Da Vinci Code. Luckily for OnlySEO, Dennis’s Graphic Art & Multimedia Degree gave him a taste of the online world and his tendency to unravel mysteries led him straight to SEO.

Dennis is the elder statesman of OnlySEO, with over 6 years of industry experience and the most wide-ranging and extensive SEO skills. His strategies and techniques ensure that all OnlySEO Clients improve their Ranking Positions on a monthly basis. Dennis has worked on SEO campaigns across all major industries including over 400 websites and is renowned for major increases in rankings and traffic.


Jonathan Stiebel


Jonathan has instinctive organisational abilities and an innate tendency to gravitate towards people. Degrees in both Marketing and Psychology seem like they would be perfectly catered towards a project management role at OnlySEO. Unfortunately, the SEO industry was so new back then that it was not part of his education. What he knew was that he needed passion and belief in his work in order to accomplish his goals.

Luckily for OnlySEO, the Online Marketing space is exactly where Jonathan has excelled. His desire to formulate new methods, increase internal efficiency and fashion creative campaigns tailored specifically to clients’ needs has been a raging success and a breath of fresh air. Coupled with his interpersonal skills and numerical nous, he is OnlySEO’s leading Project Manager.


Jeremy Lord


Jeremy’s creative flair and inspired tastes have been a major part of his life since growing up in Paris. His keen eye for detail and unique influences could have led Jeremy straight to graphic design but his logical mind and interest in technology made web design his natural calling.

Jeremy has the rare ability to be able to fully code and develop complex website builds in addition to creating cutting edge designs. Coupled with significant SEO experience, this gives Jeremy’s designs a logical and flow that few designers possess. When Jeremy designs a website, you can be sure that crucial factors like SEO, functionality and user experience are at the forefront of his mind before the design even starts to materialise.


Darshan Makadia


Darshan can solve problems and analyse processes in the time it takes most people to simply push ‘reply all’. If we do in fact live in the Matrix then OnlySEO is blessed to have Darshan as our operator. There’s no need for Neo or Morpheus, Darshan is quite simply the most brilliant programmer anyone in our organisation has come across in over 30 years of combined IT experience.

As SEO has evolved and Google’s algorithms become more advanced, imaginative and resourceful technical skills are essential in giving a website every chance to rank as highly as possible. Darshan’s astute programming and inventive techniques allow OnlySEO’s websites to stay ahead of the pack and deliver the kind of results our team has come to expect.


Daniel McConnell


Daniel is our Irish SEO account manager


Ashley Kalb


Ashley, the man behind the SEO reports.


Laine Sherr


Laine being our only female SEO account manager.