Steps to increase your content writing game

Begin with keyword research

The crux of any effective SEO content writing is that not only is it genuine, but that it is optimized with great keywords. Why? Well keywords are one of the best ways for search engines like Google to be able to notice your website and its content. More specifically, the best tailored and researched your keywords are, the better consumers will be able to reach your website and be converted into purchasing your product.

Take key note of all the analytical and statistical information available from your data and compare them with your competitors as well to understand what kind of demographic you really have and the best way to approach them.

Effectively implement your keywords

So now you’ve done you research. Now don’t let your hard-earned work go to waste over nothing. It is a common mistake for SEO agencies was to exercise a tremendous amount of effort into their keyword research, but to just then dump keywords into their content. Doing so will find your work muss less attractive and in some cases, disapproved by Google.

When considering an SEO article, keywords should only be used cautiously and with careful thought, dependent on factors such as the type and length of the article.

In general, the keyword should be included in the title, an at least in the first 300 words. From then on, keywords should be used in a careful manner, and even after that, variations of the keywords may be used instead. Keywords should always feel and be written in a natural way in the content on the article. If it is hard to read or a keyword has been forced into a sentence, it will not work.

Use long-form content writing

In the past it may have been best to pump out as many articles as possible, irrespective of the word count. However, as of now, search engines such as Google have shown an extremely strong inclination towards using long-form content writing. It has been statistically shown that articles which are on average over 2,000 words or more will be much more attractive and receptive towards consumers.

When an article is in depth, it is likely to be carefully constructed with interest and though, with a high chance of containing very relevant information to the people searching for their issue in a search engine. It’s now a given rule that the longer you’re able to write your content, the much more likely that you’ll have a significantly lower bounce rate.

Make sure to constantly update and edit your content

These days to stay relevant, it is also not enough to just publish and finish your content. Search engines like Google require SEO agencies to constantly refresh their content with new ideas, to keep up with modern trends and consumers. If done so, search engines will reward you with constant high-end traffic and a place among the high rankings.

Make sure that your work is edited before-hand. Ensure that a second eye is able to read through you work and check for phrasing and grammatical errors. Articles are supposed to be simple and to the point. This will make your content writing appear professional and be of ease to read for consumers.

The last step would be to ensure that all of your pages with web content writing is available for blogs and linking back to your website. Your content should have be immediately ready for social media to increase its relevance and popularity in the search engine.