Tips To Picking Your Ideal Divorce Solicitor in Sydney

lawyer and client talking

Finding a divorce solicitor in Sydney that will match all of your requirements is no easy task and an exercise that should not be left to chance.

From Randwick to Pyrmont, Balmain to Parramatta and Manly to Botany, you are entitled to search for the best possible representation as you negotiate terms for a legal separation.

This will be a tense and fraught time in your life when emotions can be running high and if terms are not easily agreed upon, a tough legal battle will only elevate those tensions.

Amid all of the hundreds of names and firms that are circulating in this dense marketplace, how are you able to see the wood from the trees?

Here are a series of key tips to making this task simpler.


Experience With Winning Similar Cases


You want a divorce solicitor in Sydney who not only has a winning track record, but a record that wins cases similar to the one you are facing. When it comes to child custody or the seizing of household assets, you need to have a lawyer on hand that has managed these scenarios before to influence a judge that you are the more trustworthy spouse who has preference over these matters.


Transparent With Budget Concerns

One of the single greatest fears that a spouse will have about hiring a divorce solicitor in Sydney is being taken for a ride when it comes to their fee. From an hourly rate to a flat fee or a price that is commensurate with the outcome of the case, ensure that your representative is transparent with how they will operate with this department.


Strongly Backed and Referred By Old Clients

Testimonials from previous clients is a surefire way to checking the validity of a divorce solicitor in Sydney. If their previous clients go quiet and off the radar following their court dates, that can be an indication that they are unsatisfied with their performance. Few firms will publish a straight up statistic that speaks to wins and losses because many divorce cases end up with settlements. Yet if they can issue a catalogue of individuals who vouch that they have operated in their best interest, that will be a strong gauge to backing their judgment.


Good Relationship With Local Judges and Court System

Having a divorce solicitor in Sydney that is well established with judges and the court system is incredibly advantageous to you as a client. At the end of the day these legal proceedings are often about building arguments and using evidence with complimentary styles of argumentation, so prior relationships that are healthy will provide a subconscious advantage. This is not to speak of personal bias as judges in Sydney avoid conflicts of interest, but a practitioner they know and respect can only influence a legal matter in an affirmative manner.


Won’t See Any Red Flags

The final facet when picking a divorce solicitor in Sydney is to ensure that no red flags emerge. From a lack of transparency to poor communication skills, showing up late to appointments, missing key appointments on the schedule, filing documentation and making agreements without your consent – all of these should be considered red flags that result in a firing. A quality practitioner will know that these acts constitute unprofessional behaviour, so steer clear of lawyers who fail their due diligence.



There will be some elements with your divorce solicitor in Sydney that means they simply won’t be able to meet your ideals. They are not meant to act as a permanent sounding board to confide all of your fears and anxieties; that is something that should be left to your therapist and close family and friends. They cannot guarantee you victory nor can they manipulate evidence or break the law just to satisfy the outcome of your case. If they can match this key criteria as you search for a representative, then you can head into negotiations feeling slightly more confident and assured that your advocate will perform in your best interests.