Top 5 Ways to Use Balloon Decoration to Spice Up Your Life

pink balloons

Think back to your childhood. Ponder those days when you were celebrating with family or had a party with friends. Likewise, reminisce about going to the local fair ground or a community festival. Heck think even of places like Disneyland if you had enough luck to be able to go. Most of you I’m sure have happy memories of these places, the sights, the sounds, smells and colours. Chances are you have a specific memory of those type of days, you can see yourself vividly enjoying the day. What do they all have in common? Balloon decoration!


For the life of me I can’t remember a single celebration, fair, festival, party, festivity nor ceremony that didn’t have some balloon decoration to amplify the high spirits and good vibes. Below you have our top 5 ideas for utilizing these pieces of inflatable plastic to adorn your happiness.


  1. The animals came by two by two….

Since we’re are being nostalgic and looking back on our youth, let’s start with the classic: animal balloon decoration. It’s amazing when you think of it, how much joy the gang of kids at a birthday party garnered from a simple rubbery animal hastily twisted together by a kids’ magician. Giraffes, sausage dogs, insects and my favourite, the minimalist snake – it was like being handed a new toy, but at a fraction of the cost of going to the toy shop. Let’s not forget it’s not limited to just animals, throw in swords and crowns and let your imagination run free.


  1. Here comes the bride…

These days planning a wedding can be quite stressful, there’s is certainly a sense of choice overload with the myriad of options available to a happy couple. Why not introduce a bit of fun and calm your sense with some balloon decoration at your wedding venue? There are plenty of examples of beautiful arches leading into the dining room, or imaginative centrepieces at the dinner tables. Adding some tassels or streamers to the inflatable globes can be a cost-effective way to decorate an events hall, while being relatively cost effective and remaining classy – just choose your colours well.


  1. Dancing in the street…

Speaking of being cost effective, balloon decoration is the first port of call for when you are having a block party or community event. Anyone who has organised one of these events knows that budgets won’t stretch in the same way as our inflatable friends. Tying the inflatables together or twirling them into a spiral pillar is a great way to provide a centre point or entrance to your event and can be achieved with very little budget.


  1. Lemonade, twenty cents a cup…

All this talk of budgets, no one knows what that means more than a small business owner or budding entrepreneur. If you are selling a new product or service to the public, you need a way to stand out from the crowd and balloon decoration is only too happy to oblige. For example, if you have rented a stall space at a convention or market – dazzle it up by adorning the walls with a sheet of colour behind you.


  1. End of year, crack open a beer

Having grown your small enterprise (or working for a corporation), what better way to show appreciation to employees than the traditional Christmas or end of year celebration. We all know how it goes, it starts off slightly awkward and formal, but after a few drinks and some nibbles the lights go down and the gloves come off. A novel idea is to use balloon decoration  inserted with led lights or glow sticks inside to give a really cool effect and add some fun to proceedings when the DJ comes.