Types of Roller Blinds and Why You Should Have Them

roller blinds

Why choose roller blinds for your home? That is, interior screens characterized by wide blades giving them a seamless elegance. They are a breeze to open and shut making them an increasingly popular choice for windows, over blinds and curtains.

They’re not the most budget-friendly of options on the market, however. So, before you take the plunge, check out our list of benefits they carry.

Before we get to that, did you know that roller blinds now come in fairly wide range of materials? We’ve thrown together a few of these to get you started…

  • Vinyl – are usually made with PVC or aluminum supports for stability and come in the form of hollow, structured hollow, solid, and solid with aluminum, these being in order of structural integrity. Then there’s the vinyl-clad wood, with the rigidity of a dense wooden frame, and vinyl coat for water resistance.


  • Wood – being both light and durable, this is termed the “gold standard” of roller blinds, especially basswood. While vinyl tends to come pre-designed, wood can be painted and customized. Due to these benefits it tends to be the dearer option.


  • Composite or Faux Wood – also known as “engineered wood”, is made from MDF coated in vinyl or PVC, making it sturdy and good for humidity.

Now, onto the reasons you should have roller blinds in your home…

  1. Elegance

First of all, roller blinds bring a neat, luxurious resort vibe to your home. Their elegant aesthetic have made them a popular pick.

As with the materials they’re made from, they come in a range of sizes and finishes to deck out your home in this clean decor. Not to mention they make a great flow between the inside and outside.

  1. No strings attached

All the strings dangling off blinds can have you dealing with a tangled mess. Fortunately for the roller blinds owner there’s none of that.

  1. Versatility

They can be customized to suit any interior design.

  1. Air and light flow

Roller blinds are great for ventilation. Being so easily adjustable, it’s effortless to control for just the amount of fresh air and light you want flowing through. And they’re not going to fade with this sun exposure.

  1. Private

Just as easily, you can angle the wide blades to shield you from the world outside seeing in.

  1. Clean

Very low-maintenance. All you need is the occasional dust down with a damp cloth. No need for removing blades or taking down them down all together, as with curtains.

  1. Strong

Being made from wood or its alternatives, these screens are incredibly durable and will last for many years to come.

  1. Child safe

As they lack the hanging strings and other potentially hazardous components of blinds and curtains, they are are a safer alternative for the family home.

  1. Insulation

Good insulation. They form a great barrier for harsh sunlight and cold winds.

  1. Energy saving

As they reduce the need for heaters and air-con, save your energy use and the expenses that go along.

  1. Furniture and carpet friendly

Blades can sit in closed or semi-closed positions as needed to direct sunlight away from carpet and furniture that can bleach. Avoid the UV and save these from fading.

  1. Other uses

Plantation shutters can be put in other places around the house beside on windows. They have made neat cabinets, cover ups for patchy parts of walls, not to mention room dividers with the ultimate privacy. With their clean appearance, they will blend with the rest of the house.