Why You Should Choose The Busy Light

busy light


Interruptions are annoying to say the least. While working in an office one of the biggest wastes of time is interruptions. Did you know that 28% of a workers day is wasted purely on interruptions. That is 2.1 hours lost per person every single day. That’s 10.5 hours a week, a whopping 546 hours every single year wasted on interruption per employee. Now can you imagine an interruption free office space. A space where all you have to do is to take a peak and you know whether someone is on a call or free to disturb. There is a product out there perfectly design for someone just like you.


In every work space around the world there is the drive to get tasks done fast and efficiently. The best way to achieve this goal is to stay focused. Of course office spaces can be loud, chaotic and interruptive. There have been many methods trialled with many failures endured to try and break the cycle of interruptions. There have been coloured cups sat upside down, signs written and even coloured pegs clipped to the top of monitors in the hopes to keep a pesky interruption at bay while deep in a task. The problem with these are they simply do not stand out enough to work. A busy light is bright, its stands out from the background, it gets noticed.




A wave of the future, the busy light. It is simple yet convenient. If your office space has headsets or hand held phones, whether its a closed office space or an open plan, sometimes you know it is almost impossible to tell if someone is actually on a call. This can create a very interrupted office space. Productivity is the number one thing to strive for profitability. A productive workspace is an effective workspace.


The busy light has come to the rescue. In these small, lightweight designs, it has cut the workplace interruption to almost zero. Turn it on and once set up it will begin to let colleagues know whether they should or should not disturb you in your cubicle. This small item will light up accordingly to let others know whether you are on a call, busy with a deadline or available to chat. If a colleague comes to your cubicle and sees that it Is solid red they know that you do not want to be disturbed. This stops the annoying interruptions in their tracks.


Sick of missing important calls. The busy light system has you covered. It will flash and/or ring on incoming calls. If you use instant messaging for your day to day work then you can program it to flash and play a message tone and you can configure it to display or flash any colour when you have missed a call or an instant message. Is your office a quiet one, then adjust the volume to suit your needs. The busy light systems are compatible with many of the popular voice and video chat applications. Also compatible with many instant messaging services.


Having this ingenious design gives you and your colleagues peace of mind knowing you can dedicate yourself fully to the task on hand, whether you are on an important call or writing an important document. Less interruptions also gives you and your colleagues the chance to dedicate yourself 100% to the client at hand, no more putting someone on hold to answer an unimportant question that really could have waited till lunch, the busy light will tell them for you. Boosting your productivity by keeping your mind on the task.