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Everything You Need To Know About Obtaining A Drive Medical Certificate



What some people out there may or may not be aware of is the fact that they will need to be assessed to see if they are fit and healthy enough to operate a vehicle. This will usually be the case when someone has to do this for work or when they need to operate something that is above an average passenger vehicle. In fact, there are many positions out there who won’t even interview someone if they have not obtained a drive medical certificate.

The good news is that when people know where to go and what to expect, they are relatively easy to obtain and can help ensure that roads are safe to be on. Depending on someone’s age, they will need to organise this every few years and will likely need to obtain this on a more regular basis as they grow older. Most people are more than happy to do this and are likely able to claim this on tax if it is relevant to their job position. As this is so important for people to be aware of, this article will look at everything you need to know about obtaining a drive medical certificate.


In order to obtain a drive medical certificate, people will likely need to meet certain health standards

One of the first important things to know when wanting to obtain a drive medical certificate is that people will likely need to meet certain health standards. These standards might be a little bit different depending on where someone is, however, they are likely to be similar country wise. There are many factors that contribute to someone having the ability to operate safely on the road and so it is important that these factors are kept track of.

For instance, someone will need to pass a basic eyesight test in order to establish that they are able to see clearly when operating a vehicle. In some cases, people will simply be able to purchase prescription glasses but in other cases people may not be able to operate certain things such as large trucks. Similarly, a doctor will need to make sure that someone doesn’t suffer from blackouts. In addition to this, people will need to make sure that they have basic co-ordination and fitness levels and that they don’t have anything wrong with their heart.


When someone wants to obtain a drive medical certificate, it is important that they know that a certain form may need to be filled out by a GP

While obtaining a drive medical certificate is relatively straightforward, it can be a little different depending on where someone is located. This means that people will likely have to have a specific form that is created by their local traffic authority centre which their GP will need to fill out. It is also important to know that not all doctors will complete this type of thing so people will need to do their research before making an appointment.

The best way to find someone who is willing to do this and who is qualified to do so is by searching online. People are able to use search engine websites which will help point them in the right direction so that they are able to obtain a drive medical certificate for their employment. This will not only be necessary for insurance purposes but will also contribute to keeping Australia’s roads safe so everyone can get from a to b without feeling scared to be operating a motor vehicle of some kind.



Some Important Facts About Getting A Medical Abortion

In Australia, a medical abortion has only been widely available since 2012 and essentially allows you to terminate your pregnancy without undergoing surgery. This option is generally only effective up to 63 days post impregnation.

The choice between this option and the surgical alternative very much depends on personal preferences and the circumstances of your pregnancy.

For the majority of women, this option has meant that they can pursue a termination with greater discretion and with less invasiveness. It has also made it easier for women living outside of the major cities to access a termination where it is difficult for them to access a surgical clinic.

A medical abortion in Sydney is viable for up to 9 weeks of gestation and is accomplished through the combination of two medications working together to effectively terminate the pregnancy.

The first dosage can be administered by a medical professional or by you at home. It works as an anti-hormone, undermining the progesterone that’s required for the pregnancy to continue. The second tablet is taken between 24 to 48 hours the first and needs to be held between the cheek and gums for 30 minutes before swallowing.

The second tablet works by helping to open the cervix and encourage the uterus to expel the pregnancy tissue. This can take place anywhere between 30 minutes to 24 hours post absorption and women can expect cramps as well as vaginal bleeding.

Nearly all women can have a medical abortion without any complications, although there are some exceptions such as those taking certain other prescriptions. Your doctor will be able to help you determine if this option is suitable for you by reviewing your medical history.

Associated risks of a medical abortion

This option is an effective and safe way to terminate a pregnancy of up to 9 weeks, but does carry some risks:

  • 1-4% of attempts result in an incomplete termination, meaning that not all tissue is effectively expelled from the uterus. This can result in a great deal of cramping and bleeding that, if not settled, may require intervention with a surgical procedure.
  • In less than 1% of attempts the pregnancy will continue at which point a surgical procedure is required.
  • Infection can occur in less than 1% of cases.
  • 1 in 1000 women may suffer excessive bleeding that requires transfusion.

What you can expect after the second tablet

As mentioned, cramping and vaginal bleeding are to be expected within a few hours after consumption of the second tablet. This severity of these effects will vary between different women.

The bleeding will normally last between 10 to 16 days, with 2 to 3 of those days being heavier than a regular menstrual cycle. Some side effects can also include diarrhea, chills, vomiting, nausea or fever – however they are normally mild and don’t last very long.

If the bleeding is absent, you may require a repeat dosage of the second tablet or pursue another means of termination. Consult your doctor if this occurs as soon as you can.

What are the advantages of a medical abortion?

If you do not want to undergo surgery and your pregnancy is under 9 weeks gestation then you can feel comfortable pursuing a medical abortion.

  • No anaesthetic required
  • Non-invasive
  • More discreet than the surgical methods
  • No surgical risks
  • You can do it at home with the support of friends and loved ones
  • Many women cite it being more natural feeling, as it is similar to a miscarriage or heavy period

Your decision about whether or not to get a medical abortion or go the surgical route is entirely yours. If you are still unsure, don’t hesitate to talk to you doctor.

What You Need To Know About Criminal Lawyers In Melbourne

pointing gun


The process of hiring a solicitor or legal team is one that should not be rushed or taken lightly. If you have been charged with a serious offence, it is in your best interest to be taking time when you need to select a solicitor. In fact, the sheer amount of criminal lawyers in Melbourne means that whilst you are definitely spoilt for choice, your decision is even harder. It’s really important that you don’t get bogged down in empty slogans and vague promises. You want the best, most professional solicitor for your case. It doesn’t matter how strange or obscure your case is there is definitely a barrister waiting to take on your case.


The internet is your friend

Depending on the nature of your offence, there is a chance you may not be afforded bail and forced to await your trial in prison. Even if you are to be detained while waiting for trial, you will still have access to the internet. Do a quick web search on ‘criminal lawyers in Melbourne’ and start compiling a list of any solicitors that pique your interest. Flashy websites and embellished claims should be treated with caution.

Furthermore, website testimonials can be useful, however, if you’re looking for more authentic views, hop onto Google Reviews. You’ll receive a much more authentic view of the firm’s reputation and their main solicitors. Weigh up all of your options before settling on a short list of potential candidates. Now, start making some calls.


Meet with them first

Legal fees can be really expensive, so it’s incredibly important that you know what you are getting yourself into. You should never just hire one of the criminal lawyers in Melbourne without having met them in person and presented your case to them. They should be selling themselves to you, trying to convince you that they are the best solicitor for your situation. Often times, they’ll throw out things like ‘no win, no fee’ policies, which essentially means you won’t have to pay should your case fail in the courtroom. Be on the lookout for when you can save a few dollars.


Be wary

There are a couple of things that you should be on the lookout for. If you spot any of these ‘red flags’, then tread carefully about hiring their firm. If the solicitor is late to the scheduled meeting, that is a bad sign. They should be on time and productive from the beginning. It sounds like common sense, but if the barrister comes across as very rude or impolite, then there is a good chance they’re not properly invested in your case. This extends to their staff too.

Likewise, you are in the wrong legal office if the solicitor is condescending towards you. It is their job to act in your best interest, no matter what you have done. Of all the criminal lawyers in Melbourne, the last person you want is someone who is both condescending and clueless about the legal framework. A solicitor who is constantly checking their phone or answering calls is also very unprofessional.


Final decision

After having met with your chosen criminal lawyers in Melbourne, it’s now time to make a decision. Any of the solicitors that you know you won’t be hiring, simply cease communication. You are not legally required to hire them just by meeting with them.

Alternatively, if you are impressed by one of the criminal lawyers in Melbourne, be sure to follow up with them about the next steps of the process. They might ask you to prepare a statement or chronology of the events during and surrounding the offence.





Understanding Nursing Home Costs

If you or a loved one is considering nursing home costs it is important that you fully understand what you are paying for and where your money is going. While a lot of people may think of it as a very stressful time, it isn’t that hard to understand.

To help you understand nursing home costs, we are going to cover the four main areas that you will have to end up paying.


Daily fees

When you are living at an aged care facility the residents have to put forward a fee that goes towards paying for their daily living expenses. From such this nursing home costs is referred to as the basic daily fee and covers some of the following areas:

  • Food
  • Cleaning (of both the facility and your room)
  • Laundry washing and folding services
  • Cooling and heating
  • Personal care
  • Daily living assistance
  • Pharmaceutical and medical services

The nursing home cost for this category is reviewed by the Australian government twice every year in March and September. As of September 20th 2018, the maximum daily fee an individual can be charged is $50.66 a day.


Accommodation payment

Another nursing home cost is your payment towards the accommodation. This mainly depends upon your assets and the extra services and facilities that you require when you are living at these places. It is important to note as well that if you have less than $48,500 in assets or income you won’t be asked to pay an accommodation payment.

Those who do have over this amount are required to pay a small fee but they can decide how they pay it. For example there is a refundable amount you can pay when you enter the facility. It is mostly refundable where a portion of it can be left to your estate when you pass or decide to leave the facility.

Another option is a daily accommodation payment where you will pay per day that you are living at the facility. This nursing home cost is not refundable and won’t be paid out to you or your estate when you decide to leave the establishment.

The final option is a combination of the two which ultimately comes down to the personal preferences of the individual involved. The method in which you pay this type of fee is decided upon when you initially enter into the establishment but can be changed within the first 28 days of your arrival.


Means-tested payments

old woman talking to someone over the phone

A means test will take a look at your assets to determine how much you can contribute to your care. Depending on how much you earn or have stowed away, you may be asked to pay to help subsidise the cost of your care.

Currently there is a price cap to this type of nursing home cost which as of July 1st 2018 is just under $27,000. Keep in mind that your payment may differ when your assets change in scenarios such as the housing or financial market.

Regardless of your assets and the change in the economic climate, you will never be asked to pay more than the cap previously stated.


Extra service fees

The final payment that you will need to understand is the extra service fees. These payments are targeted at people who want a bit more luxurious amenities during their stay. If you decide to have a higher end room or facility you may have to pay these fees as well.

Some examples of extra services include but aren’t limited to;

  • Beside phone
  • Extra large room
  • Extra large bed
  • Internet access
  • Special drinks such as spirits and wines

The Benefits Of Hiring Professional Movers In Blacktown

If you live in the City of Bankstown in Greater Western Sydney and want to relocate to a new residence, then it makes sense that you might want to engage professional movers in Blacktown. However, relocation services are incredibly varied in terms of quality and you’ll want to be careful who you trust to safely transport your furniture and other bulky items from one house to a new one.

Naturally, a lot can go wrong if you give your money to the wrong movers in Blacktown. In order to avoid this, you need to be educated on what to look for in a quality provider so that you can ensure the safe delivery of your belongings to a new address.

You might decide that you want to hire a truck and do the job yourself, and while this is an option, it’s not nearly as effective as relying on the professionals. Let’s take a look at some of the key benefits of engaging professional movers in Blacktown.


1: They possess all the required training and equipment

The best and most obvious benefit of using professional movers in Blacktown is that you’ll get the services of experienced relocation experts who have all the tools to do the job quickly and safely. So, when the team arrives at your door they’ll be 100% prepared to do the job from start to finish.

This means they will have trucks that are large enough to take as many of your belonging as they can in fewer trips. This helps to reduce the overall cost of relocating all of your belongings, especially across long distances.

This all means you’ll be able to relax knowing that the job is being completely taken care of while you carry on with the parts of relocation that only you can do, such as meeting your new neighbours or exploring the local area. You can also use the time to other important things like altering your postal address and phone plan for your new area.


2: They can move your items without damaging them

One of the scariest things anyone will tell you about relocating their belongings is the fear of accidentally damaging their goods either in transit or in getting them in/out of their old and new homes. Large items like tables, lounges and white goods are easy to scratch against corners as you awkwardly attempt to lift them up or down narrow staircases and around tight corners.

Worse still, many who attempt to do the job themselves end up becoming injured after making a mistake or misjudging their strength. It would be a silly reason to end up in hospital because you didn’t want to fork out some cash to hire some movers in Blacktown.

Hiring a team of uniformed professionals to do the job will mean you get a team that is trained and experienced in carrying large items into your new home. With their combination of training, manpower and equipment like trolleys, they are able to complete any job easily and safely.


3: They will work quickly

When you want the job done properly and in as little time as possible, you can’t go past professional movers in Blacktown. Many people who try to do the job without professional help end up wasting multiple weekend ferrying everything to their new place when they could have had the job taken care if on a single afternoon.

As you can see, there are plenty of great benefits to engaging professional movers in Blacktown rather than attempting to perform a relocation job all on your own.



How To Find A Solicitor In Campbelltown Who Is Willing To Work With You And Your Family

law cases

There are all sorts of different scenarios in life, many of which will require for people to reach out for support. While many people reach out to their loved ones for support, there can be circumstances that will require someone to seek professional help. This is usually the case when someone finds themselves dealing with a legal matter.

When people do find themselves facing some kind of legal proceeding, it is important that they seek the support of a solicitor in Campbelltown. Even if people feel like they should deal with things on their own, it is important for them to know that any type of legal proceeding can have very serious repercussions. It is much more likely that something like this will occur if people are ill-prepared.

On top of all of this, when people find themselves in the midst of a legal proceeding, the whole family is usually affected. For those who are lucky enough, they may have their whole family rally around them and will want to do everything in their power to help them. As this can be the case, this article will explore how to find a solicitor in Campbelltown who is willing to work with you and your family.


When searching for a solicitor in Campbelltown who is willing to work with you and your whole family, it is a wise move to book an initial consultation  

There are many professionals out there who are more than happy to have family members come along to each appointment, however, there are some who may see this as a waste of time and will not be willing to do so. As this is the case, it can be a good idea to meet the solicitor in Campbelltown first before hiring. This pre-meeting is also known as an initial consultation.

In this meeting, a potential client is able to bring some of their family members who they would like to handle the proceedings with. The attorney can then discuss the laws involved with attorney-client privileges and will then discuss the types of things that they are able to discuss with family members. Everyone is also able to discuss the ways that loved ones are able to help, which can sometimes involve taking a small step back so that the professionals are able to dig in and take care of the case.


People can be helped with their search for a solicitor in Campbelltown by chatting with community services

As many people out there will know, there are plenty of community services out there that are putting in the hard work to make the world a better place. This may be in the form of a local mentorship program for kids, a neighbourhood house, some kind of government initiative like Centrelink, or something else entirely. Whatever the case may be, there may be someone who works or volunteers at one of these places that can point people in the right direction.

They may know of someone who has gone through a similar experience and who worked with a friendly yet experienced solicitor in Campbelltown who was able to help them and their family. When people go to such places for a recommendation, they may not be initially directed to a professional but to another person who knows of one. While searching online can be a great way to find an attorney, more often than not, the best way is word of mouth. However, an attorney is found, people will have a much better chance of the ideal outcome when they work with one.

Everything You Need to Know About Scaffolds


It is quite common to walk or drive past a construction site. These sites are used for cleaning as well as commercial and residential building work. Often, building work takes place above ground level; therefore it becomes essential for any workers to have the ability to reach the desired height to complete the task. In order to ensure all tasks can be completed, scaffolds are used. These working structures may look precarious, but in reality they are incredibly safe. Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about a scaffold.


What are scaffolds?

In simple terms, scaffolds are a temporary structure which are put up in order to support, or provide access to working platforms. The main goal of these working structures is to ensure that workers have a safe and stable area to work during building or construction if it has to be completed above ground level. It is not uncommon to see a variation of a working platforms on a building site; in fact, it is rare to see a construction area that is not making use of one. There are many different variations of working platform, each design has its own primary purpose and a job that it is suitable for. It is also important to recognize that all working structures are made up of different components. This is done to make sure that they are safe and durable.


What are scaffolds made from?


Regardless of type, each scaffold is made up of three basic parts; tubes, boards and couplers. Tubes are generally made from aluminium or steel and come in varying lengths. Couplers are the fittings that join the tubes together, and the boards are wooden and make up the work surface. In some circumstances, other materials may be required, and therefore will be added to the structure. Some materials that can be added are anchor ties, ropes, base plates and ladders. Interestingly, geographical location impacts what the scaffold is made of, so in other countries, different materials are used to create working platforms. As an example, in Hong Kong and India, bamboo is used more often than steel or aluminium. Bamboo structures make used of nylon straps in order to hold everything in place, this is instead of couplers or wires. Working platforms are durable, long lasting and effective, this is the main reason why they are still used on building sites today.


Are scaffolds safe?

Although these working platforms may sound, and sometimes look precarious; they are designed to be safe and stable. Don’t forget that they have the strength and stability to hold multiple workers, and their equipment. However, if used improperly, they can become dangerous. This is why it is so essential to follow the correct safety procedures when using them. Furthermore, in order to work on a construction site, or use a working platform, you will need to have been briefed with the safety measures, and in some circumstances take a course.


Are there different types?


There are several different types of working structures that help workers reach different levels. The reason there are so many variants is simply because each construction job differs and will require unique equipment. This allows the workers to meet their specific job requirements. Working platforms are generally divided into three main types, these are; suspended, self supported and aerial.

Working platforms have been in use on every construction site for many years, so it is safe to say that by now they are refined and as stable and secure as they need to be. It would be almost impossible for construction workers to carry out their jobs without the aid of some type of structure.



5 Most Popular Reasons to Hire an Arborist in the Northern Beaches

tree removal

From investigating a damaged tree to getting a tree management plan, there are many reasons why a person or business might need to hire the services of an arborist in the Northern Beaches. This article shares the top 5 reasons why people request the assistance of a tree expert.


Tree/impact assessment report

For people who want to prune or remove a tree for aesthetic purposes, manage their duty of care on a commercial site, or are simply concerned about the safety of a tree, an assessment report is an essential tool.

Trees make a valuable addition to any property, however they can also pose a hazard risk. It is important to evaluate the safety of a tree in order to safeguard against injury due to a fall. In addition, the council may not allow for the removal of high-value or heritage listed trees, so it is important to identify them before attempting to remove them.

A tree assessment report can be carried out by a qualified arborist in the Northern Beaches, who will investigate the health and condition of trees and determine their hazard risk and impact on nearby vegetation. This report can be provided to councils and the court if necessary.


treesRoot mapping/


A tree’s root system is a crucial part of the tree’s stability, structure and wellbeing, providing the organism with water and nutrients. Assessing the location and health of the root system, such as whether or not it displays any signs of disease, is important for determining a tree’s health and structural integrity. Determining the location of the roots is also crucial when planning on building, as you don’t want to build too close to the roots (this can cause damage to both the building and the tree).

Root mapping is carried out by an arborist in the Northern Beaches through two different means. The first method is to scan the ground using radar equipment. The second method involves removing the soil by hand, spade or hydrovac in order to view the roots.


Project supervisor

An arborist in the Northern Beaches can also act as an overseer for building development projects. This involves supervising the work that is taken around trees to ensure that no major damage is caused to them, and to offer advice and guidance to workers.

Often without an arborist in the Northern Beaches present, trees (including high-value ones) can become damaged beyond repair, leading to negative environmental effects and council fines. A supervisor can help avoid this happening and make sure that the building is created safely. A supervisor may be required by local councils when undertaking a building project.

Tree management plan

Having a quality tree management plan in place is essential for those who are looking after an area such as a golf course or park. Trees add aesthetic value to properties and thus it is important to look after them properly. An arborist in the Northern Beaches can help implement a management plan in order to reduce the likelihood of tree-related hazards on sites and to help maintain a site’s good image and duty of care. A proper tree management plan can also save businesses money as it reduces the likelihood that trees will be removed unnecessarily.


Expert witness

In the event of a tree-related court case, an arborist in the Northern Beaches can act as an expert witness, providing legal representation for an individual or business. An expert witness can help promote clarity around complicated issues, thereby speeding up the court’s decision and saving you time and money.

How to Choose Trendy Baby Gift Baskets

baby inside a basket

Having a baby is a big deal, not only for the soon to be parents, but also for their friends and family. One of the best ways of sharing in the excitement is to buy a gift, but with so many people having the same thought, it can be hard to avoid buying the same item as someone else. The entire gift buying process, although exciting, can be challenging. Do you choose something that’s practical? Or is it better to opt for something sentimental? Finding just one item to buy is almost impossible! This is why trendy baby gift baskets are such a great option. But with so many options available, it can be difficult to know which one to buy. Keep reading to find out how to choose the perfect trendy baby gift basket.


Boy or Girl?

The first thing you should consider when it comes to choosing a trendy baby gift basket is the gender of the baby. There are beautiful options for both boys and girls, so if you know the sex of the baby before he or she is born, you can choose a gender specific basket. There are a range of hampers in both blue and pink to choose from. For those who are waiting for a surprise, fear not! There are also hampers that are not gender specific, and plenty of adorable gender neutral colours and patterns.



Another important aspect to consider when it comes to choosing a trendy baby gift basket is your budget. It’s important to remember that there is a hamper to suit any budget, and you can still get the perfect gift without breaking the bank. However, there are also more expensive options if you want to spend a bit more and really spoil the newborn. How much you spend is completely up to you, but it is important to remember that however much, or little, you spend the gifts will be very much appreciated by the parents to be.



This is something many people fail to think about when it comes to choosing a trendy baby gift basket, but it is actually quite important. Although the bub is warm in the womb, the world is not quite as comfortable, so try to choose items that are season appropriate. If the little one is due in the winter months, opt for a hamper that is tailored to cooler weather. There are plenty of hampers that include little hats, socks and gloves to keep the newborn nice and warm. However, if due in the summer, try to find a hamper that has sunhats and lightweight clothing. The prospective parents will be grateful for the extra thought you’ve clearly put in to the gift!



It can sometimes be difficult to know what size to get if you are choosing a hamper that includes clothing. All newborns are slightly different sizes, and the last thing you want is for the clothes not to fit. It’s also important to remember that lots of people will be buying clothes for the newborn, who will grow quickly! A good idea is to size up and opt for items the little one can grow into. Although they may not fit initially, you will be helping the new parents prepare for clothing a few months down the line.


Ask About a Registry

Another great way of making sure you choose the perfect hamper is by asking the soon to be parents if there is a registry. If so, browse through and see what items they are hoping to get. This doesn’t mean you have to choose those exact items, but it allows you to get inspiration. You could opt to surprise them by choosing a trendy baby gift basket with similar items to those which they have asked for.

Top 5 Ways to Use Balloon Decoration to Spice Up Your Life

pink balloons

Think back to your childhood. Ponder those days when you were celebrating with family or had a party with friends. Likewise, reminisce about going to the local fair ground or a community festival. Heck think even of places like Disneyland if you had enough luck to be able to go. Most of you I’m sure have happy memories of these places, the sights, the sounds, smells and colours. Chances are you have a specific memory of those type of days, you can see yourself vividly enjoying the day. What do they all have in common? Balloon decoration!


For the life of me I can’t remember a single celebration, fair, festival, party, festivity nor ceremony that didn’t have some balloon decoration to amplify the high spirits and good vibes. Below you have our top 5 ideas for utilizing these pieces of inflatable plastic to adorn your happiness.


  1. The animals came by two by two….

Since we’re are being nostalgic and looking back on our youth, let’s start with the classic: animal balloon decoration. It’s amazing when you think of it, how much joy the gang of kids at a birthday party garnered from a simple rubbery animal hastily twisted together by a kids’ magician. Giraffes, sausage dogs, insects and my favourite, the minimalist snake – it was like being handed a new toy, but at a fraction of the cost of going to the toy shop. Let’s not forget it’s not limited to just animals, throw in swords and crowns and let your imagination run free.


  1. Here comes the bride…

These days planning a wedding can be quite stressful, there’s is certainly a sense of choice overload with the myriad of options available to a happy couple. Why not introduce a bit of fun and calm your sense with some balloon decoration at your wedding venue? There are plenty of examples of beautiful arches leading into the dining room, or imaginative centrepieces at the dinner tables. Adding some tassels or streamers to the inflatable globes can be a cost-effective way to decorate an events hall, while being relatively cost effective and remaining classy – just choose your colours well.


  1. Dancing in the street…

Speaking of being cost effective, balloon decoration is the first port of call for when you are having a block party or community event. Anyone who has organised one of these events knows that budgets won’t stretch in the same way as our inflatable friends. Tying the inflatables together or twirling them into a spiral pillar is a great way to provide a centre point or entrance to your event and can be achieved with very little budget.


  1. Lemonade, twenty cents a cup…

All this talk of budgets, no one knows what that means more than a small business owner or budding entrepreneur. If you are selling a new product or service to the public, you need a way to stand out from the crowd and balloon decoration is only too happy to oblige. For example, if you have rented a stall space at a convention or market – dazzle it up by adorning the walls with a sheet of colour behind you.


  1. End of year, crack open a beer

Having grown your small enterprise (or working for a corporation), what better way to show appreciation to employees than the traditional Christmas or end of year celebration. We all know how it goes, it starts off slightly awkward and formal, but after a few drinks and some nibbles the lights go down and the gloves come off. A novel idea is to use balloon decoration  inserted with led lights or glow sticks inside to give a really cool effect and add some fun to proceedings when the DJ comes.