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Top Mobile Compatibility Tips For Your Online Marketing Campaigns

When online marketers think about the their endeavours to score well with SEO and PPC tactics, they are usually considering the big picture. By that we mean desktops and tablets, commonly overlooking the need to cater to the growing mobile market.


Here is where users are more active, more engaged and more in need of websites and content that is compatible to their handheld device. This applies across the board for all plans including Samsung, iPhone and Blackberry smartphones.


How then are these brands going to tackle the challenge of being compatible? What does that look like from a practical standpoint? Here we will outline some vital techniques that ensures your domain is equally user-friendly to mobile.

Watch For Font Size


Whether it is the heading of a tab or a “buy now” button located somewhere on the page, the user should be able to navigate their way around a mobile webpage without having to scroll up, down or sideways too strenuously or even at all. Through your customised hosting platform, you should be able to utilise heading tags such as H1 and H2 that will adjust depending on the setting. Font size is a major letdown for sites that do not satisfy the compatibility criteria and they will see a higher bounce rate than their competitors.

Always Stick To High-Resolution


Images might also fluctuate in size and while this is a concern, the most important element at play in this field is the resolution quality. Low resolution pictures that are expanded to fit a screen will be presented poorly, something that reflects on the domain as a whole. High-resolution images are more adaptable to adjusting screen sizes and makes for a superior user experience regardless of the loading speed.

Go For Local


Much of the web traffic that derives from mobiles happen to be for local searches. Whilst there should not be a difference between a mobile and a desktop site, more tags and keywords that are inclusive of your geography and postcode will help for SEO purposes and make for a more mobile compatible platform.

Utilise Designs That Are Responsive


The most efficient technique out of your options is to have a responsive design. This will ensure the navigation bars and content is customised to the size of the device where the layout remains consistent from the desktop to the laptop, tablet and the smartphone.

Getting The Most Out of PPC For Online Marketing

Online marketing professionals will have an array of options at their disposal. One of these will derive with the pay-per click (PPC) advertisement options that are promoted by Google Adwords, offering brands a chance to score visibility if they pay the right price.


Some will opt for generic commercials that simply regurgitate the same marketing spin they’ve been told to stick to. Yet these PPC spots have their own pathways to success and to get the most out of your investment, you should follow a couple of essential rules.

Tap Into Trends


One of the greatest assets about PPC advertising is the instantaneous nature of it. Within a 24-hour cycle a PPC spot can be born and killed off and this gives the owner great flexibility. So what should be respected here is the fluctuating nature of the news cycle and factors that are suddenly trending within a niche. Take note of the keywords that are suddenly garnering buzz and issues that you can utilise at your disposal. Traffic will tend to flow in patterns and by tapping into a hot topic that is creating a lot of debate and interest, why not throw your hat into that ring and generate some impressions?

Be Cheap With PPC


This is something of a strange admission, but it is ok to be cheap with PPC. Do not feel obliged to spend important dollars in this field because your long-term success will live or die by your SEO strategy that builds the brand for the long-term. Should your keyword competition be fraught with high prices, look for the cheaper alternative and push those spots on Google and Facebook. This will keep the balance sheet in check and ensure that your investment is being spent wisely. PPC is about the sugar hit of instant visibility, not scoring loyal customers for decades.

Crowd The Keyword Market


The theory of “less is more” does not apply to the world of PPC. This is an environment whereby visibility is king with space coming at a premium, regardless of what niche you are discussing. Here is where your internal keyword strategy will produce a number of terms and phrases that you will build around. To get the maximum out of these keywords, develop individual PPC ads that are garnered around a variety of keywords. Why settle for one when you can have multiple in activity all at once?

How to get the most out of an SEO company in Sydney


SEO or search engine optimisation is an aspect of digital marketing that has slowly but surely become more and more necessary for the contemporary business. As the online space gets more crowed and more competitive, a local business may need to solicit the services of a leading SEO company in Sydney to assist them.

Optimisation for search engines requires study and skills that don’t just come overnight, but through being engrossed in the industry and seeing how things work through trial and error. This is why so many businesses fail to perform optimisation work themselves and instead outsource the area to an SEO company in Sydney.

But just finding an SEO company in Sydney isn’t enough to make sure they do everything you want. There are several tips and tricks for working with these practitioners so that you can get the most value for your money.

Let’s take a look at the best ways to get the most out of an SEO company in Sydney.

Use your best market research

While this may differ depending on which SEO company in Sydney you hire, you’ll likely need to bring a lot of your own information to the initial consultation. This involves your market research, your understanding of the target audience, your existing marketing strategy and other elements that will be relevant to the campaign.

An SEO company in Sydney will primarily take marketing and advertising content that you have already developed and figure out how to use it to meet your goals. They are not there to serve as a traditional advertising agency that works to research, plan and design marketing campaigns for you.

They are there, however, to push your brand’s organic internet visibility by helping your business to rank highly for certain keyword phrases. These keywords are how internet customers browse the online marketplace and are your ticket to increased turnovers.

By bringing your best market research to the table, an SEO company in Sydney is able to take that information and develop a campaign strategy that will use optimisation tactics to reach this market. Some information will be more useful than others and it will also depend on the product or service you are selling.

Go all in, or not at all

Search engine optimisation is one of those disciplines that are only truly effective if you fully commit to it. There are plenty of small investments or trial periods that people use with optimisation that fail to give them the results they want.

This is because, like any SEO company in Sydney will tell you, optimisation work takes time to be fully evident. This is because, at its core, the strategy revolves around building a sincere online presence for your business so that search engines rank it highly.

Honesty and trust take time to build as there is no genuine way to buy it, or at least not in a way that will fool your customers. This is why it’s essential to fully understand what an SEO company in Sydney is going to do for your business and fully getting behind it.

If there’s an obvious disconnect between your optimisation work and the rest of your marketing strategy, they won’t be working harmoniously.  This lack of harmony can lead to results and analytics that don’t give a full picture of the effectiveness of your strategy because different elements are being obscured by others.

For example, if you put a lot of capital into targeting keywords but don’t optimise your site proper, people will only be more exposed to a bad website. The increased number of clicks you get from one type of optimisation work can be made redundant by failing to follow up with another elements of optimisation work.

Therefore, hiring an SEO company in Sydney should be done only when you are confident about what optimisation work is and why your business needs it.