Misconceptions About Buying Online Bongs


Buying online bongs should be an open experience to shoppers who want the best possible products.

Adults who enjoy a quality hit in a legal setting are entitled to items that deliver bang for buck.

Yet there are some reservations in the community about finding a ceramic, plastic, wood, metal or glass bong from a website.

Here we will discuss what they are and put those misconceptions to rest.


1: My Bong Will Be Damaged During Delivery

Consider how many different types of product can be sourced through online bongs and the risk of damage is minimal. The popular glass models clearly carry the highest risk, but that is true of champagne glasses and bottles that need to be handled with care and consideration. This is a continual misconception as any rare cases of damage would be replaced.


2: My Privacy Won’t Be Protected Online

It is true to say that shopping on the web does open up the potential for some sites to be hacked and details exposed. However, the same can be said for stores who have ATMs and credit card readers on their premises. This is a threat that is not unique to consumers who are scouring for online bongs and making transactions. Simply because this is an industry about smoking and a taboo subject, that does not increase or diminish that risk when associated to other industries.


3: I Will Be Breaking The Law Buying This Product


Online bongs aren’t illegal, just the selling and public use of marijuana. There is a fear by certain consumers who believe that being caught out in the post with such an item will raise a red flag but that is simply not the case. Australian citizens 18 years of age or above are entitled to buy any type of bong that suits their unique tastes, so treat those dissenting voices with the indifference they deserve.


4: I Will Likely Be Sold a Faux Item or Knock-Off

One of the greatest fears with sourcing online bongs is that the consumer will be sold a fake, using the convenience of the web to conjure a false image and brand a knock-off as the genuine article. There are corners of the dark web through dubious operators who will betray the trust of the customer, but so long as the individual does their homework to carefully check the domain name and certify their legitimacy through other outlets like social media, then that will not be a problem to consider. Those who have doubts about their certification should be able to see a phone number included, giving them the option of making a call and checking that the product is indeed legitimate.


5: The Better Shopping Experience Is In Person

Shopping on the web actually provides a number of benefits that cannot be accessed when heading to the store. In these environments, the individual is limited to what they have in stock at that very moment. They are also limited to the business hours in which they open and should there be a large gathering of other people, then there will have to be a fight to actually see the items without interruption. Online bongs on the other hand can be sourced at the leisure and convenience of the consumer, breaking those normal conventions and allowing the smoker to gauge the whole market whenever they please.



Having a small degree of cynicism when purchasing online bongs can be healthy. Being concerned about your online privacy and the implications of entrusting your investments with digital enterprises is far from uncommon and questions are right to be asked. However, the joy of living in 2019 and having access to the World Wide Web should be an environment where global boundaries are broken down and people are able to shop for what they want, when they want and where they want.