What Do Branding Designers Do?

team working for a brand

Branding designers like Creades are a special group of graphic artists that work with clients to develop a distinct identity or personality that they want their brand to project. This do this by delving into what particular mood, image, values or emotions they want to provoke or convey to their customers and audience.

They usually take a holistic approach to creating a company’s image and create much more than simply logos or taglines, but rather an entire visual identity. This can involve producing a style guide which sets out clear boundaries and rules for other artists or companies that might interact with the brand. Once they have established clear guidelines for their artwork they will then go on to develop an entire corporate identity, logos, products, websites, packaging, point of sales, social media, press and digital mediums.


What’s their day to day like?

Much of their work involves working cooperatively with their clients, this usually includes working to deadlines, doing presentations and working with a number of other artists.

Many branding designers work in agency environments, although they will sometimes work in- house with the marketing departments of bigger companies.


What education to they need?

Most branding designers have degrees in visual communications, graphic design or fine arts – although there is no rule that requires it. A lot of them make their start as juniors in larger agencies and will take on more responsibility working with clients as time goes on. In a smaller agency environment they’re much more likely to work more closely with their clients.

It is also possible to work as a freelance branding designer. This can be a flexible, and lucrative way to work for those that have the experience and industry connections required for a steady workload.


Is it for you?

If you’re passionate about creating and image or corporate identity than this is a great creative career and you’ll definitely notice you’re work out there in the real world. Imagine being the branding designer for some of the world’s biggest brands! You would see your work out there every single day. A strong corporate identity can do wonders for businesses, customers often make their purchasing decisions based on emotional factors like how closely they feels their beliefs or values align with a company. People will become loyal to the identity portrayed by a company, millennials for example like companies like Apple and Google and are fiercely loyal to them in part because of the carefully curated company image that has been create around them.

These brands are young, hip, modern and fun and this impression is create through a very successful corporate identity, created by some very talented branding designers.

A well timed refresh or a companies ‘brand’ can entirely change their direction, both Apple and Google are a great example of this having achieved enormous success from a corporate face lift at the right time. Branding designers can also make or break new businesses, there are a myriad of examples of start-up’s taking off entirely because they hit the right note with their corporate identity, and others failing because they just didn’t quite get it right. That’s a lot of power and influence to have as an artist!

So there you have it, that’s what branding designers do. Whether you’re just interested to know what exactly this particularly speciality of the graphic arts is all about, or whether you’re interested in becoming one yourself, or you’re creative and looking for an outlet that will let you be more than just a starving artist it’s great to know about the people behind the artwork we see everyday.