Why You Need A Stainless-Steel Wire Balustrade In Your Home

stainless handrails


A balustrade is essentially a railing that provides support to an individual navigating a veranda, balcony or a staircase. They are made from balusters, which support the entire stainless-steel wire balustrade. There are many advantages of installing a new model in your home. Some benefits are more practical in terms of value, while some people tend to install them for their aesthetic aspect. So, if you are thinking of installing a stainless steel wire balustrade in your home, here are several reasons why it is a great choice!


Strength of the material

There are many different types of balustrades, however a stainless-steel wire balustrade is generally preferable because of the strength of the material. The metal is very strong, and therefore, very practical if it needs to support heavier weights. Moreover, it is particularly conducive to Australian climates, since the hot weather and incessant heat would cause most metals to rust. Nonetheless, stainless-steel wire models are rust-resistant, meaning these models work particularly well in outdoor areas (like patios, terraces).



Another major benefit of buying a stainless-steel wire balustrade is that the material is very durable and long-lasting. Because it isn’t affected by rust or warped by heat, you can rest assured that your railings will be fit for purpose for the extended future. This is a particularly good asset if you’re living in parts of Australia where the climate can be volatile. Extreme humidity followed by bouts of torrential rain can damage and erode weaker metals, so if this sounds like your type of weather, consider a stronger, more durable metal for your railings.


Easy maintenance

Furthermore, metal models are also quite easy to maintain, hereby ensuring that they retain their visual appeal and aestheticism for a longer time frame. Generally, you only need to wipe down the surface of the railings every few weeks with a damp cloth. The purpose of this to ascertain that the metal retains its shine and gloss for longer.


Has real character

In addition, a stainless-steel wire balustrade possesses real character and opulence. Regardless of where it is installed in your home, the rope looks fantastic. It doesn’t detract from the rest of your home and isn’t an eyesore. In fact, the rope is understated and classy, so it should fit in with most décor. In fact, you’ll find these railings across a wide array of homes and styles, ranging from modernist to post-modernist and even more classical, period homes.



One of the primary benefits of using this rope and material for your railings is that it brings a heightened level of safety to your home. Some older homes even have illegal formations that have not been designed in accordance with modern standards. The material is so strong and durable that it can support heftier weights. If you are moving to a new house or relocating heavy furniture, knowing that you have a strong, metal rope is good security. One flaw of this model, however, is that there are generally gaps in the wire, which smaller objects could fall through. Some pets could even be small enough to fall through, which could be consequential if the rope is installed on a second-storey terrace or balcony.


Cheaper in the long-run

Finally, a stainless-steel wire balustrade is a far more cost-efficient option in the long-term. This can be attributed to several factors. Firstly, because maintenance is minimal, any costs associated with cleaners will also be incidental. Secondly, while the initial cost of the railings could be slightly higher than other types, their durability ensures they are a long-term investment. Indeed, you won’t have to spend more money replacing your new railings soon, meaning you can rest assured knowing that your purchase is a smart, savvy decision in the long-term.